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Dry Lavender
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Hey there! Thank you for visiting my store!

I am so happy and proud to announce the launch of a true labor of love: Soleil Bleu

Soleil Bleu was founded on the basic principle of natural skincare for all; utilizing herbs, botanicals, and organic ingredients to provide healing & relaxation to stimulate the senses.

This is a one-man-show which means all attention is paid to product development, materials, ingredients, packaging, creation, quality control, and customer service. I also give the utmost care for creating a natural luxury product while also aiming for the best in customer satisfaction and client retention.

Every product created at Soleil Bleu is ethically sourced, all natural, and organic with minimal additives, nothing artificial EVER,

and the highest quality ingredients.

Hug a tree. Plant some flowers. Take transit.

And give yourself remarkable skin.

Thank you for going on this journey with me.


Sunet in a lavender field
Lavender in a mortar & pestle
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